Since its incorporation GALLEGO ABOGADOS is supporting its clients with specialized lawyers in procedural law protecting their interests at all times.


Our lawyers are experienced and keen minded for representing their clients in civil or administrative proceedings before ordinary courts or arbitration tribunals.

In order to defend the interests of each of our clients, our lawyers request the advice from a lawyer of the litigation department as soon as the possibility of a conflict arises.


From the beginning of this moment we form for each case a work team led by an experienced and specialized litigation lawyer. The initial activity of this work team consists in a comprehensive analysis evaluating the best legal strategy for the defense of our client´s interests.


Based on this strategy, our litigation lawyers assume the representation of our client from the beginning of the dispute until completion monitoring at all times the respective proceeding before civil or administrative courts or arbitration tribunals.


GALLEGO ABOGADOS is a specialist in structuring and conducting effectively all kinds of dispute resolution in Colombia, including conciliation, mediation or amicable resolution.

Similarly, our specialized procedural lawyers assist our clients in all necessary steps during insolvency proceedings, in order to always protect their interests whether as debtor or creditor.

The broad experience of our lawyers allows an internal cooperation in the various hypotheses of insolvency cases, providing our clients qualified advice in the restructuring of debts, the execution of securities in bankruptcy proceedings or the structuring, conclusion and execution of agreements between debtors and creditors for a reorganization of a company or its judicial liquidation.