The in over 20 years acquired expertise in providing legal advice in the infrastructure sector and in particular in the sectors of energy supply, water, telecommunications, waste disposal and road  concessions, GALLEGO ABOGADOS can offer an integral and professional advice on the planning, the design, start-up and the implementation of infrastructure projects in Colombia.


Our services include further support of clients during the tender procedure, as well as supporting preparing profit promising deals.


According to the special interests and needs of each client GALLEGO ABOGADOS provides legal assistance both in drafting of financial concepts, as well as in finding and attracting strategic partners, if the creation of a consortium or a “Unión Temporal” should be required. GALLEGO ABOGADOS also supports his clients in concession bargaining, complying with the relevant legal framework, environmental permit applications, and implementation of interviews with local stakeholders, acquisition of land and in the achievement of easement. GALLEGO ABOGADOS represents its clients before all relevant authorities, which are involved in the planning, development and operation of the projects.


The necessary contracts for the implementation of infrastructure projects (such as concession contracts, work contracts, consulting contracts, turnkey contracts, investment transactions, BOT- contracts, PPA contracts, take-or-pay contracts, etc.) will be tailored by our lawyers in such way, that both - the market conditions, as well as the protection of interests and ensuring the rights of our clients - are taken into account.


In the event that our client is a public authority, it can assume that our legal support meets the highest international standards for structuring their tender documents. The same applies for privatization processes, as well as the binding of private capital to the respective projects of the authority.