The thorough training of the lawyers at GALLEGO ABOGADOS, who are lecturers of the most prestigious universities in the country, the vast experience in advising large and medium-sized  European and Colombian enterprises and the commitment to our clients’ success in the Colombian market are the three fundamental factors that make GALLEGO ABOGADOS your best partner for the development, structuring, implementation and optimization of your project or business in Colombia. We use all our academic expertise, practical experience and lobbying ability to ensure the cost-effectiveness and the legal certainty of your venture in Colombia.


Specifically, GALLEGO ABOGADOS supports its clients by choosing the appropriate type of company for the successful implementation of their projects in Colombia.


The advisory service of GALLEGO ABOGADOS includes the elaboration of bylaws, the assurance of your rights as a foreign investor, the company’s registration in the relevant registries and the start-up of the enterprises’ operations, taking into account the particularities of the economic sector within which the business operates. Similarly, GALLEGO ABOGADOS gives legal advises with respect to the preparation of meeting protocols of the different corporate bodies, helps in the preparation of reports to be submitted to the supervisory authorities and develops amendments to the bylaws, legal opinions and the necessary documentation in case of mergers, transformations, spin-offs or any other form of corporate reorganization. To do this, GALLEGO ABOGADOS has lawyers with extensive experience in all areas of corporate law.


Moreover, the legal support of our customers to initiate and consolidate their businesses in Colombia has allowed GALLEGO ABOGADOS to acquire an immense experience in the area of  commercial law and contracts. Thanks to this, GALLEGO ABOGADOS can provide legal counsel when it comes to the structuring, documentation, negotiation and execution of national and international contracts for all industry as well as trade and services sectors, including tax planning and compliance of corporate and foreign exchange responsibilities arising from the implementation of such contracts.


Any investment made by our clients in Colombia must be properly protected. This also requires that our clients can repatriate the invested capital and transfer abroad the dividends obtained from their initial investments. Therefore, GALLEGO ABOGADOS advises in order to protect their investments in Colombia and abroad.


In close cooperation with its mandatary, GALLEGO ABOGADOS helps with the channeling, registration, amendment and cancellation of its investment and in executing procedures before the central bank (Banco de la República), the national tax authority and other competent bodies.


GALLEGO ABOGADOS also advises its clients on the planning and execution of operations involving the entry or exit of foreign currencies generated by imports or exports, compensation accounts,securities and guarantees, foreign debts, transactions with derivatives, etc.