Any industrial activity or utilization of natural resources in Colombia (oil, mining, agriculture,  utilities and infrastructure) must be executed in a way that ensures the protection of the environment. Therefore, GALLEGO ABOGADOS diligently informs its clients about local and national environmental regulations and puts its experience at the service of its clients in order to highlight the company’s commitment to the environment while simultaneously ensuring an

optimal cost framework of the project.Our services in this area include the counseling and preparation of documentation for obtaining licenses, concessions and permits required for the

initiation and implementation of the project, assuming the representation of our client´s  companies before the environmental authorities, but also before the communities during the various consultation processes required by Colombian law and jurisprudence.Moreover, GALLEGO ABOGADOS is a pioneer in Colombia in providing its expertise on projects dealing with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the use of the tax advantages granted by the Colombian legislation for environment friendly projects.