The advisory and guidance of our clients regarding public procurements is one of the strongest areas of practice of GALLEGO ABOGADOS.


Since typically many of our customers want to start their businesses in Colombia through the implementation of infrastructure projects or concession contracts in the energy branch or other  sectors such as communications, GALLEGO ABOGADOS considers it its duty to provide legal advice to its clients when it comes to drafting winning offers for public calls for bids.


To that effect, GALLEGO ABOGADOS accompanies its clients throughout all phases of contracting with the Colombian State. Concretely, we offer advice in the preparation and submission of tender offers, present the company, its know-how and experience to the relevant authorities, assesse the general tender conditions, help to optimize the preparation of the documents for the bid and legally represent the enterprise in public hearings.


To ensure the defense of the interests of our clients, GALLEGO ABOGADOS’ attorneys assume the legal representation in controversies related to the closing, interpretation, execution and termination of contracts with the public sector at ordinary courts or before the respective court of arbitration.